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The Benefits


1. Skin Health

Not only does waxing remove hair, it’s a physical exfoliation that removes lifeless surface skin cells, which means you’re receiving hair removal and skincare all in one.

2. Smoother Skin

Because you are removing hair from the root and exfoliating the skin, you’ll probably find that your skin is now among the smoothest things in your life.

3. Longer Lasting Results

Since your hair is being removed by the root, it will take much longer to grow back than with shaving.

4. Thinner & Finer Hair

When your hair does grow back after waxing, it will grow back weaker, making it finer, softer and sparser. Win-win!

5. Minimal Irritation

Many people find hair removal methods like epilation and hair removal creams irritating to the skin. However, waxing rarely causes this problem if it’s done by a professional.